Welcome to Dotty Sleep

Help Dotty get a good night's sleep, collide with happy dreams and dash through nightmares to avoid waking her up!

This is my first game! I built it for a school project and it's been edited slightly from the feedback I got from friends and teachers. I currently have no plans to continue it's development - but I have many other game ideas I'd love to get started on.

Feedback is welcome and much appreciated :)

If you would like to read about my development process then you will find my written report about this game below in the Downloads section.

A couple of acknowledged issues:

  • The Play Button in full screen shifts slightly
  • The high score doesn't save once you exit the page or go back to the Main Menu


Arrow Keys or WASD to move

Tap Left Shift to dash through nightmares


Current world record: 

If you'd like to find me elsewhere:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SenseiShepherd

YouTube (my art channel) : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDw5_v8gu80F9-3RpH2m5Kg

Special thanks to Prithvi for his technical support and encouragement!

Install instructions

Please unzip the file and then double click on:



Dotty Sleep Download Files.zip 20 MB
School Project: Design Process Report.docx 494 kB


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Hey this is super, keep up the good work 😎


Thank you, I will sure try! :D